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About company
2012. A new kind of water bike and started its production. The first exports of its products from fiberglass, the acquisition of two commercial vehicles. Completed shop size 505 sq.m.

2014. Production of new types of products, such as fishing boats.

2015. Signing a contract for the supply of our products to Norway, advance payment receipt. Production warehouse with the area of 750 sq.m. was purchased at the auction.

As of October 2016 in the Viola employed 12 people. Turnover in 2015 amounted to EUR 88,884 .

Our advantages
The quality and speed of execution
The quality and speed of execution
We guarantee fast and quality while manufacturing our products. Thanks to our specialists you will get a quality product for a short time.
Unique technologies
Unique technologies
Our production uses the best materials for the manufacture of fiberglass products which guarantee the quality and reliability of the product. Also, to improve the quality of production we use vakuyumni and infuziynni matrix to ensure that our products are of high quality. These technologies ensure product durability and resistance to external factors such as UV rays, moisture, mechanical damage.
Modern production
Modern production
Our production facilities are equipped with modern equipment to work with fiberglass. At our production we use equipment from leading manufacturers in the world such as GRACO and MVP. This allows to us to speed up and improve the production process.

Good day.
In 2015, we ordered 10 kayaks BINO. the order was fulfilled very soon, all the canoes arrived efficiently packaged and undamaged.
We were happy cooperate with you.

Roman M.
The coach of rowing kayak